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ELFercise Kits help kids,
Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year!

All Kits come with an item to keep and an item to give. 


Seas Each Day Your Way features a fun, rhyming lesson that plays with words as it compares incredible sea creatures who really can't be compared at all...just like people! Like amazing sea creatures, we can make a splash in our own way!  Comes with two coordinating stickers.


Teaches: tolerance, be yourself, comparison is the thief of joy, consider what you have in common with someone, we all do things differently


Plush Kit Combo comes with an 8" sea turtle plush that is so cute he'll make your heart swim!

Original artwork by young illustrator, Drew Miller
Original story by Carmen Miller.

All Kits are made to order.

Designed for ELF365 Copyright 2022

Proceeds have helped us provide over 12,000 free Kits for kids in 15 countries and 45 states...
and counting!


Great for gifts, party favors, give-aways, prizes, promotions, fundraisers, etc!
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Read the entire ELFercise below.


Seas each day!
Make a splash in your own way!


The sea is full of creatures
both large and small.
Many don’t do things
the same at all.


A dolphin and a turtle
are not much alike.
They both swim in the ocean differently
and they’re both doing it right!
A whale is really big,
a jelly fish is much smaller.
They each have unique abilities
they use to live in the water.


An octopus and fish
both swim, it’s true,
but comparing the two
is like comparing your neighbor to you.


We all have things in common.
We do many things the same,
but we are each unique individuals
who go by different names.


The amazing creatures
who go about their days in the sea,
are all beautifully different,
just like you and me.


Their qualities and responsibilities
require them to do things their own way.
May your favorite sea creature serve as a reminder to
Seas each day your way!


Seas Each Day Your Way

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