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A Meaningful Holiday Tradition 

ELF365 helps make the Christmas holidays extra fun and meaningful.  The days of being good one month out of the year simply for Santa and gift-getting sake are coming to an end!  ;)  It’s time to think like an ELF and be your best sELF 365!  Once kids discover the best kept holiday secrets of all time and find out who ELFs really are, there is no doubt they will want to be an ELF, too!  

ELF365 holiday series stands alone or partners with the ELF365 holiday story book,

"Classified Christmas Chronicles, Volume I"


Whether it’s a single holiday ELFercise Kit, our Basic Holiday Training Set, or our holiday advent calendar, ELFercise Kits can bring a meaningful and fresh twist to your favorite holiday traditions. 


ELF365 Holiday Advent

Join the ELF365 team of ELFs as they help you countdown to Christmas with meaningful ELFercise Kits.  The ELF365 AOK Tracker is conveniently numbered with 24 spaces to help you keep track of each day and each ELFercise

Display your ELFercise Kits on your favorite Christmas card holder, a string with clothes pins, bulletin board, on your tree or simply keep the Kits in their box under the tree.  Christmas is the perfect time to start training to think like an ELF and be your best sELF 365 days a year!


ELF365 Holiday Advent
ELF 365
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ELF 365
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