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Find out how to gain security clearance to access top secret, highly classified,

holiday information in the

ELF365 Classified Christmas Chronicles

In Volume I discover the origins, training and basic procedures of Santa's vast network of ELFs!

ELF365 Classified Christmas Chronicles.jpg

Gilbert has agreed to share his diary of adventure as he and Curly Q Drew set out to rescue other turkeys before Thanksgiving.  Along the way, the two learn that it is the simple things in life, like laughter, helping others, and even dancing, that bring us together and make us family.  

2023 Gilbert Gobbler ELF365

The Legend of Curly Q Drew

and The Message Mistake, 

illustrated by the author himself,

Curly Q Drew, is back!  Follow along as Curly Q Drew discovers that mistakes become lessons that help us learn...

despite Honey the Bee's best efforts to

help him stay out of trouble. 

FLIP THE BOOK OVER for bonus comics

Curly Q Drew creates using his pets,

Dilly and Dally Dogs and Outside Kitty!  

ELF365 Curly Q Drew Book.png

Operation Good Deed Doer


is a compilation of winter and holiday themed ELFercises.  Now all of our favorite holiday ELFercises are in one place to read every holiday season!  What a great way to commemorate all of your  completed ELFercises!

Book Cover ELF365 OGDD Holiday Series.png

Operation Good Deed Doer FALL SERIES

is a compilation of fall themed ELFercises.  FLIP THE BOOK OVER for the bonus, original short story, "Home Eat Home!"  

Follow along with Little Mouse as he searches for a house and meets a kind gnome who helps him find the perfect home!

ELF365  FALL Series Book.jpg

Operation Good Deed Doer
Coming Spring 2024

Operation Good Deed Doer


is a compilation of ELFercises perfect for any time and any season.  We're excited to have a collection of some of our favorite ELFercises in one place so you can read them anytime you'd like!  Collect the entire Series and be your best sELF 365!

ELF365 Mouse House Book Cover
ELF365 Dilly and Dilly by Curly Q Drew.png
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