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About ELF365

When our experience, passion, and creativity “Come Together,”

ELF365 is the result.


Meet Carmen and Drew, a mother-son duo.  

Carmen's 15 years in child advocacy working in conjunction with child protective services and the juvenile deprived court system provided invaluable insight into children and families.  When her son,  Drew, began experiencing bullying when he was just five years old, Carmen developed a passion for creating anti-bullying and kindness-driven activities, not only to empower Drew, but also to help the kids who were hurting him.  She knew the kids were acting this way because their hearts hurt.

That same year, in 2012, Carmen decided the family would hand out random acts of kindness at a Christmas festival.  Her goal was to show Drew the incredible feeling you get from giving and kindness.  Drew took these acts of kindness to heart, began replicating many of the lessons on his own and mustered up the courage to reach out to the kids who were being mean to him.  Carmen quickly realized the potential impact they could make if these little acts of kindness lessons could be packaged and shared with other kids.  She excitedly started brainstorming ideas. 


By the following November Carmen created her first set of packaged acts of kindness for Drew's first grade class.  She called the program, "Operation Good Deed Doer," which consisted of four kits labeled, "Secret Service Missions," that were to be completed for Basic Holiday Training.  The day of Drew's Christmas party the kids graduated Basic Holiday Training and became certified to do good deeds year round. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone, kids and adults alike...and this was just the beginning.  

As Drew got older the bullying got worse.  In 2017, when Drew was nine, he was beside himself almost every day after school.  Carmen knew she needed to take action.  She asked Drew if he wanted to go bigger with their efforts to make a positive impact on kids and Drew agreed.  The duo started a kindness and anti-bullying initiative called, Come Together with Kindness, with Drew as the spokesperson.  Carmen expanded her kit writing beyond Christmas to go with every season, sharing lessons of every kind.  Carmen soon realized that Drew's knack for art is exactly what they needed.    She renamed the Secret Service Missions, "Kindness Kits," and started including Drew's fun, colorful artwork in the Kits.

In 2021, hoping to reach more kids with a broader appeal, Carmen restructured the program around one of her favorite Kindness Kits, Think Like an ELF.  This brought the program full circle, back to its holiday roots.  Carmen has written over 100 Kits for every season, including custom Kits for businesses and special events.  In the spirit of Exemplifying Love and Friendship 365, Kits are now called, "ELFercises."  


Fast forward to 2023, Drew is now 15 and the two have pretty much found their niche.  Though mom liked it better when Drew was solely out front as the spokesperson, she has stepped out of her comfort zone and is embracing her role as CEO (Chief ELF Officer)!  ;)  Drew continues in his role as the artist/illustrator for all things ELF365, assists with the creative processes, and is the creator of the ELF365 kids and logo.  He very much deserves the ELF Understudy Rank he has achieved!  ;)  


ELF365 is excited to share affordable, meaningful and fun books and ELFercises to help you

and yours Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year. 

Think like an ELF and be your best sELF 365!


From the very beginning our goal has always been to

help as many kids as possible ELF365.  (Yep, ELF365 is also a verb! )

That’s why proceeds help provide free ELFercise Kits for Kids.

Since 2017 over 11,000 free ELFercise Kits for Kids have been provided in 15 countries and 41 states…

and counting!

ELF365 Carmen and Drew.jpeg
Curly Q Drew ELF365 ELF


ELF365 is all about kids helping kids! 

We believe kids are in the best position to 

help, influence and motivate other kids. 

Hoping to harness the overwhelming power of peer pressure

and use it for good,  ELF365 encourages kids to,

"Think like an ELF and be your best sELF," through books and ELFercises.


ELF stands for Exemplifying Love and Friendship. 

ELF365 gives kids easy, fun and memorable tools to help them become positive role models

who reach out to other kids using the following guidelines coupled with ELFercises.

ELF Code of Conduct

  1. I will try my best to be helpful.

  2. I will try my best to share my time and talents.

  3. I will try my best to be my best sELF 365 days a year.


ELF Declaration


No one is perfect.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.

We all make mistakes.  Mistakes become lessons.

We are always learning so we must always be kind.


ELF Mission Statement


We will do our best to Exemplify Love and Friendship

365 days a year.

ELF365 isn't Just for Christmas!

ELF365 is perfect for Christmas, but there are ELFercises for every season and every reason, thus the 365 at the end of our name!  ELF365 Kids switch from their holiday ELF attire to their everyday outfits from January to July.  Once Christmas in July arrives, the ELFs change back into holiday mode. 

ELFs inspire kids all over the world to think like an ELF and be your best sELF!

Cute Kids Posing Against Wall
ELF Waving ELF365_edited.png

ELF365 A Meaningful Holiday Tradition 

ELF365 stands alone or partners with the ELF365 holiday story book called,

"Classified Christmas Chronicles, Volume 1"

We help make the Christmas holidays extra fun and meaningful.  The days of being good one month out of the year simply for Santa and gift-getting sake are coming to an end!  ;)  It’s time to think like an ELF and be your best sELF 365!  Once kids discover the best kept holiday secrets of all time and find out who ELFs really are, there is no doubt they will want to be an ELF, too!  


Whether it’s a single ELFercise Kit, Basic Holiday Training, or one of our other sets, our ELFercise Kits can bring a meaningful and fresh twist to your favorite holiday traditions. 


ELF365 Holiday Advent

Join the ELF365 team of ELFs as they help you countdown to Christmas with meaningful ELFercise Kits.  The ELF365 AOK Tracker is conveniently numbered with 24 spaces to help you keep track of each day and each ELFercise

Display your ELFercise Kits on your favorite Christmas card holder, a string with clothes pins, bulletin board, on your tree or any other fun, creative way you choose!

Or simply keep the Kits in their box under the tree.  Christmas is the perfect time to start training to think like an ELF and be your best sELF 365 days a year!



Contact Us

Carmen Miller
ELF Officer


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