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ELFercise Kits help kids
Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year!
Think like an ELF and be your best sELF!


All Kits come with an item to keep and an item to give.


UP COMES THE SUN FUN ELFercise comes with two coordinating sun stickers.


Teaches: We are only human.  Each day is a new day.  Each day is a new opportunity to be warm and kind to others.  The sun provides many gifts. We can share our gifts, too.



ELFercise Kit ONLY

Set of 10 ELFercises


Plush 5" Sun that will make you feel warm and fuzzy!


All Kits are made to order.


Originally written and designed by ELF365.
Proceeds have helped us provide over 12,500 free Kits for kids in 15 countries and 46 states...

and counting!


Great for character build programs, anti-bullying programs, gifts, teacher rewards, party favors, 
give-aways, prizes, promotions, fundraisers, etc!

Read the poem below!


The sun shines bright

to light your way.

The warmth of the sun

gives us so many gifts in so many ways…


like sunny days at the beach,

glistening snow,

beautiful flowers

and colorful rainbows.


Plants and trees grow

with a little help from the sun.

The sun provides food and warmth

for everyone.


We can always depend on the sun

to share its bright, warm light each day.

Even from behind the clouds

the sun is still shining away.


When the sun’s warm rays

touch your face,

that is the sun

giving you a warm embrace.


We are given many, many

chances along the way

to be like the sun and help everyone have

a warm, happy, sunshiny day!


We are only human.

Maybe we can’t be a sunbeam every day.

That’s OK!


At the dawn of each new day up comes the sun

giving us yet another chance

to be the best we can be, to have a little fun

as we discover ways to share our warmth with everyone!

©ELF365 2023


Up Comes the Sun Fun!

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