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ELFercise Kits help kids,
Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year!
Think like an ELF and be your best sELF!

All Kits come with an item to keep and an item to give.


THINK OF ALL CLOUDS DO ELFercise encourages us to think about what the clouds and others do right!  It challenges us to see the positives and the value in clouds and other people.

Kit comes with two matching stickers.


Teaches:  perspective is everything, choose to focus on the positive attributes of someone or something, consider what others do right


Choose from

ELFercise Kit ONLY
Plush/Kit Combo which comes with a little 5" plush cloud who is just as fluffy as you would imagine him to be!


Original artwork by young illustrator, Drew Miller
Original story by Carmen Miller

All Kits are made to order.

Designed for ELF365 Copyright 2023

Proceeds have helped us provide over 12,000 free Kits for kids in 15 countries and 45 states...
and counting!


Great for gifts, party favors, give-aways, prizes, promotions, fundraisers, etc!
Contact us for custom orders!


Read the entire ELFercise below.


When we think of clouds
we might feel glum.
Cloudy days
aren’t always fun.


But, life with no clouds
would be very empty, it’s true.
Think of all the things clouds do 
for plants, animals and YOU!


Clouds provide shade
on a hot sunny day
and create beautiful art against 
a blue backdrop in a fun and unique way.


Clouds are so important!
Clouds bring much needed rain
to plants, animals and YOU.
With no clouds, life could not sustain.


Life with no clouds
wouldn’t be near as much fun.
We couldn’t find animals or designs in the sky
and use our imagination for each one.


How we choose to see the clouds makes all the difference!
If we only look at the parts we don’t like,
we fail to see their importance
and all they do right.


Now, look at other people the way you look at clouds!
Choose to see the good they do,
and you’ll be looking at them
they way you hope they’ll look at you.


Just like clouds,
choose to see the importance of everyone.
Choose to see their value and work together
using your imaginations to have lots of fun!

©ELF365 2023


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