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ELFercise Kits help kids,
Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year!
Think like an ELF and be your best sELF!

All Kits come with an item to keep and an item to give.


CACTI EXEMPLIFY ELFercise Kit tells us to use our smarts, conserve our resources, make the most out of where we live, share our gifts, be our best, and even in the worst conditions do our best to be positive just like our friends the cacti.

Kit comes with two stickers.


Teaches: use your smarts, conserve, adapt, be positive, share your gifts, be your best self even in poor conditions.



ELFercise Kit ONLY


Plush/Kit Combo comes with a little 5" plush cactus who is anything but prickly!  


Original artwork by young illustrator, Drew Miller
Original story by Carmen Miller

All Kits are made to order.

Designed for ELF365 Copyright 2023

Proceeds have helped us provide over 12,000 free Kits for kids in 15 countries and 45 states...
and counting!


Great for gifts, party favors, give-aways, prizes, promotions, fundraisers, etc!
Contact us for custom orders!


Read the entire ELFercise below.


Cacti Exemplify


Cacti are very special.
They are not like other plants.
Cacti are super smart
and rather quite advanced.


Cacti have adapted
to extremely dry environments.
They are tough and they conserve,
so the few resources they receive are enough.


Cacti live in places
no other plants can live,
making them the only plants in these areas
sharing beauty they are happy to give.


These dry, arid places

without cacti would be,
desolate, empty, 
and quite unforgiving.


Cacti are often homes 
for animals in the desert.
Cacti also provide food to desert dwellers
that otherwise might be desperate.


Some cacti are a little prickly,
some cacti are a lot!
Either way our cacti friends exemplify
so very many things they have taught!  


Be smart, adapt, 
make the most out of where you live.
Share your gifts, be your best,
and even in the worst conditions be positive.


We are all a little prickly sometimes,
some people are a lot!
You can still be like our cacti friends,
even when others are not.

©ELF365 2023


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