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ELFercise Kits help kids,
Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year!
Think like an ELF and be your best sELF!

All Kits come with an item to keep and an item to give.


EVERYTHING FALL ELFercise Kit is a rhyming short story about all fun things fall!  From caramel apples to fall leaves, it is such a fun season, it simply can't be beat!


Teaches:  Fall is the perfect time to spend time together, be grateful and enjoy all the special things that fall brings



Plush/Kit Combo ACORN with a little 5" plush acorn who is so cute it will drive you nutty! ;)
Plush/Kit Combo APPLE with the sweetest plush caramel apple!  


Both!  Get the Kit, Acorn and Caramel Apple in one bag!

Original artwork by young illustrator, Drew Miller
Original story by Carmen Miller

All Kits are made to order.

Designed for ELF365 Copyright 2022

Proceeds have helped us provide over 12,000 free Kits for kids in 15 countries and 45 states...
and counting!


Great for gifts, party favors, give-aways, prizes, promotions, fundraisers, etc!
Contact us for custom orders!


Read the entire ELFercise below.

The leaves are changing,
acorns are falling into place.
You can almost see the smile
on the squirrel’s face.


Pumpkin, pumpkins, pumpkins,
pumpkins galore,
carve them up or make a pie,
that’s fall fun for sure!


Pumpkin spice this or that,
yes, you know it’s fall, indeed,
when pumpkin spice is everywhere!
On this we can agree!


Scarecrows and cornstalks
standing tall and proud,
dancing gently in the wind
just to please the crowd.


Caramel apples and candy corn 
are perfect treats for fall,
but wait, there’s S’more! Coffee, cider and cocoa 
will be enjoyed in the crisp air while watching football.


It’s campfire time!
It’s sweater weather!
Fall is the perfect time 
to enjoy being together.


Gobble up some turkey,
share a meal.
With a grateful heart
you eat so much it is unreal!


Take a little hayride.
Go jump in a pile of leaves.
Fall is so much fun,
it’s flat out hard to believe!


Embrace the changing season,
love one and all,
and have yourself a ball
as you enjoy everything fall!

©ELF365 2022

Everything Fall

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