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What is ELF365?


ELF365 is a series of character-building books and story cards called ELFercises. 
Each ELFercise Kit features a short, rhyming lesson in a resealable bag. 
Every  ELFercise Kit contains an item to keep and an item to give. 

Kids not only learn a fun, valuable lesson, but they also get to do an act of kindness
by passing the lesson and the item of their choice on to someone else!


​ELFercises help kids Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year!
Think like an ELF and be your best sELF!


Operation Good Deed Doer, Holiday Series I SET
This is the second set in the Series!

After you complete Basic Holiday Training it's time for ELF continuing education!

Our (optional) KEEPSAKE BOOK, Operation Good Deed Doer, Holiday Series I commemorates each of these ELFercises!  Yay!


SET INCLUDES *10* ELFercises!

(See more photos and preview Kits under the individual ELFercise listings.)


Believe in You

Teaches: be yourself, don't give up, treat others as you wish to be treated, different is good



The Christmas Tree

Teaches: Christmas trees are the heart and hub of the holidays, where people gather to laugh, love and play, gifts under the tree are expressions of thoughtfulness, love and giving, Christmas trees are special because they create and provoke happy memories



Little Bit O’Santa

Teaches: generosity, kindness, encourages to be joyful and thoughtful,

giving makes us feel good, too


Your Snowman and You

Teaches: be yourself, don't take anything/anyone for granted, do everything with love and joy, treasure special memories


Candy Cane and Peppermint

Teachers: Be yourself, everyone doesn't have to like you, it's perfectly alright if they don't! You can still be sweet to everyone and do your best to make the holidays bright for others.


Penguin Plan

Teaches: What makes you unique is your strength, who/how we are is part of our plan, be happy, love yourself just the way you are



Hat You Wear

Teaches:  every person matters, every job/role is important, sometimes we are the leader, sometimes we are the helper, think things through before saying/doing, be kind, use kind words and follow your heart



Polar Bear Care

Teaches: empathy, kindness, consideration, attentiveness, gratefulness



Let It Snow Kindness

Teaches:  we can make an even bigger impact in this world if we work together, everyone is unique, be kind and make a difference



Stirring with Holiday Spirit

Teaches: focus your energy on what matters, not on other’s mistakes/thoughts/opinions, solicits thoughts about what is most important/priorities



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>>>>Next set of ELFercises to continue the Series:  Operation Good Deed Doer Holiday Series II


OGGD Holiday Series I SET

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