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What is ELF365?


ELF365 is a series of character-building books and story cards called ELFercises. 
Each ELFercise Kit features a short, rhyming lesson in a resealable bag. 
Every  ELFercise Kit contains an item to keep and an item to give. 

Kids not only learn a fun, valuable lesson, but they also get to do an act of kindness
by passing the lesson and the item of their choice on to someone else!


​ELFercises help kids Exemplify Love and Friendship 365 days a year!
Think like an ELF and be your best sELF!


Operation Good Deed Doer, Holiday Series II SET
This is the third set in the Series!

After you complete Operation Good Deed Doer, Holiday Series I it's time for more ELF continuing education training!


SET INCLUDES *10* ELFercises!

(See more photos and preview Kits under the individual ELFercise listings.)


High Flyin’ Holiday  

Teaches: empathy, kindness, no one is perfect, make everyday a

great day



Let It Glow

Teaches:  In the spirit of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and his friends, the misfit toys, may we all understand that it's not about fitting in but embracing our own strengths and using them for good.  What makes us unique is our superpower!



Time To Shine

Teaches: be yourself, differences make us unique and special- our differences are our superpowers, we each have a time and place to be useful and helpful



Mean One Gone Good

Teaches: When someone is mad or acting ugly it is because their heart hurts.  Don't give up on them, keep trying to be their friend and let them know you're there for them when they are ready.



Insta Snow = Insta Smiles

Teaches: Snow makes us feel happy because it is fun, and we enjoy it. 

If you have the opportunity to make someone feel happy and share something they can enjoy, do it!  It will create an insta smile!  Sharing is caring.



Sharing Makes ¢ents

Teaches:  it makes sense to share, you can make someone's day without spending a dime, even the smallest gestures go a long way, your actions and kindness are priceless



Share Some gLOVEs

Teaches:  holidays are difficult for some, be kind, be thoughtful, be observant of other's needs, the gift of your time matters more than material items



Little Hokie Jokie and Little Smartsie Fartsie

Teaches:  our difference make us unique, we all have strengths and weaknesses, just because we are different doesn't mean we can't be friends, sometimes opposites make the best friends, be opened minded



Does Someone Need a Hug

Teaches: empathy, kindness, compassion, no one is perfect, forgiveness, warmth



Be a Stocking Filler

Teaches:  thinking of others, learning how kind gestures and words can make others, and you, feel good, kind thoughts/words/gestures are gifts money cannot buy and can last a lifetime



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>>>>Next set of ELFercises to continue the Series:  Operation Good Deed Doer, Everyday Series I

Coming early 2024!


OGGD Holiday Series II SET

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